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Izel Tamayo was born on August 8th, 1997 in Whittier California. Izel was raised in Pico Rivera, the home to many other impoverished Latinos in Los Angeles at the time. From a young age they became enamored with animation, waking up every Saturday morning for their favorite cartoons. Whether it’s during class, at family events, or parties, you can usually find Izel with a sketchbook and pen in hand.

As the child of Mexican immigrants, Izel is greatly influenced by their Chicano culture. Mexican art, music, and traditions are the greatest inspiration in their work. Their work consists mostly of exploring their culture and sharing it with others through storytelling, characters and illustration. To Izel there is nothing more important than celebrating cultural differences. They hope to continue to create work that reflects this statement and bring diversity to the entertainment industry through animation and children's books. Izel currently works as a comic artist at Disney Publishing.